Happy Valentines Day to my Soul Sisters! 🌹

Mfonobong Umondia (Bella)
5 min readFeb 14, 2024

It’s Valentine’s Day, and while everyone’s caught up in the lovey-dovey stuff, especially those of you that are in love I wanted take a second to give a shout out to two of the most awesome ladies in my life: Cynthia and Mercy.

These girls? They’re not just friends — they are family, they’re my soul sisters. In this 21st Century where a lot of people haven’t been so lucky with female friendships, I on the other side has been blessed with these two. God gifted me the most intentional, beautiful and smart friends. So here’s a shoutout to my ride-or-die girls, for sticking with me through thick and thin, and always having my back.

My Melanin Queen

There’s, Cynthia — the social butterfly, very friendly with oh well almost everyone yet playfully firm. She embodies a natural charm and charisma that captivates everyone around her. When you see Cynthia, you get to see a human encyclopedia cause this babe’s intellectual curiosity and sharp mind is amazing. She has an infectious laugh and boundless energy, she’s the one who knows how to turn even the most mundane hangout into an epic adventure. You ever heard of a woman that knows a bit of everything, is very creative, doesn’t get scared of trying out new things, and has great money making skills and ideas? Yup that’s Cynthia. Sit her in a table with other great minds and she will come out top and even lead the pack as jara. I remember when she was in Uyo, I’d always travel all the way from my house to hers just to get a good sleep because I noticed that every moment I climb her bed, give me 5 minutes tops, I would have already been dreaming. And you know the funny thing? it happens every daam time. So her house was more like therapy for me. I sha don’t know the juju that this woman put for me but you see her food? Nah don’t try to struggle with me cause we gonna fight and I will win. Cynthia makes the healthiest meals and has influenced me to do same.

My Lioness

Then there’s Mercy — the wise one. Cool, calm, and collected. Wo Mercy is that one lady that will speak a thousand words without making more than two sentences. I’d say that she is a born leader because the way this babe handled the large group of interns in HNG 3.0 during our group task, I couldn’t have asked for a better group lead. Despite all these cool, calm and collected story I am telling you people ehnn Mercy is very confrontational and speaks her mind unbiased. She is bold, confident, courageous and fierce. And what did you hear about Akwa Ibom Babes? THEY CAN COOK! Taste Mercy’s food and you will want to move into her house immediately. She has a strong influence and naturally knows how to bring people together — the Sugar Mummy of our time. I almost forgot to mention that Mercy no dey gree for anybody o; the babe tries every and anything and is even still open to trying newer things because how did this girl end up eating an Octopus and other kinds of meals that isn’t normally served in South South Nigeria? At this point, I would like to think that there is no difference between Mercy and all these Chinese people that eat all those weird weird things on TikTok. We should take a trip to China sometime, it will be so fun. Not to worry, you can be eating, Cynthia and I will be creating content for you while cheering you on.

Mehnn I have a lot to say about these two amazing ladies. I can literally go on and on, do a friendship series or even write a book haha.

Mercy and Cynthia

Together, Cynthia and Mercy make the ultimate dream team: Cynthia — Technical Writer and Open Sorcerer, Mercy — Full-stack Developer and then there is me a Backend Developer and Entrepreneur. We have our diverse experiences and somehow have managed to balance each other out perfectly, while bringing out the best in each other. We are learning everyday to be better and intentional friends and it is amazing to see how far we have come. Whether we’re laughing till our sides hurt or having heart-to-hearts about life, their friendship is the glue that holds us together.

You guys know that one friend in every circle that always has a terrible love life, focuses on work and just enjoys life? Yup that’s me. My girls are happily married and I am so happy for them. I am glad that they are navigating this marriage journey in the most admirable way — e sure for me say I get mentors wey don walk the path before me heheh. But don’t worry, I no longer have a terrible love life I promise, it is getting better lol.

I love the fact that I have been able to bring in a lirru comic relieve here and there, I should win an award for that yeah? Yeah! But more than anything, it’s the bond we share that makes our friendship so special. Cynthia and Mercy have seen me at my best and my worst, and yet they’ve never judged me or let me down. They’ve accepted me, corrected me, taught me and all, and their love and support means everything to me.

So here’s to you, Cynthia and Mercy — My Women. Thanks for being there for me through it all, for making every day an adventure, and for showing me the true meaning of friendship. You girls rock my world, and I wouldn’t trade our epic friendship journey for anything. Cheers to more amazing memories, journeys, travels, intentionality and love. Happy Valentine’s Day, babes!